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Located in Shelburne, Downtown Burlington and Williston.

Curbside pickup is still going STRONG at Both Locations. Pro tip: Place an order earlier in the day for pickup in the evening. If you order between 5:00-8:00 pm, you should expect longer wait times.  

Please order online and call when you arrive to let us know where you are parked. We will gladly bring the pizza to your car. Or, come on inside and check our Take Out table to see if your order is ready. 

Contact to request large party or business deliveries. $100 minimum and at least 48 hours' notice. 

Keep checking in online for any changes. 

Thank you for your support!

We hope everyone stays healthy and safe!

Folino’s ❤️


Folino's is nestled in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont. We make wood-fired, apizza-style pizzas. We are BYOB in Shelburne and Burlington and offer a variety of Beer and Wine in Williston. Come by and grab a pie with your growler or bottle of wine!